Airport Transportation Service.

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable everyday ride? Patriot Ride, LLC can become your daily pick and drop service. We are providing the best airport transportation service within 350 miles of Frankfort, Kentucky. If you want a reliable and timely taxi service, Patriot Ride, LLC is the best choice. We guarantee the best customer service and a comfortable ride. We are dependable and courteous, and our rates never surge. Book Patriot Ride Kentucky today to book your seat.

Shuttle To All Airports

Getting in and out of an airport can get stressful if you do not have a ride to pick up or drop you off at the right time. Fortunately, Patriot Ride, LLC provides a reliable, timely, best, and affordable airport transportation & shuttle services in Louisville Kentucky. There is no need to rely on your friends or family for a ride when you can depend on booking a travel service to get you to any of Kentucky’s airports safely and on time to catch your flight. We provide you the luxury ride that you deserve. We are always professional and courteous, and our ride is always clean. Whether you’re arriving or departing, call us today for a FREE estimate and to schedule your pick up or drop-off.

Tour Service.

Popular Distilleries

Kentucky is the home to famous brands and craft makers of Distilleries. Bourbon Distilleries, old and new, create some of the world’s favorite spirits. Let us plan your day from start to finish, giving you a tour to Kentucky Bourbon distilleries. Our bourbon tour services guide will lead the day and amaze you with the fun facts and history while filling in the blanks between each stop. Enjoy your fully-guided affordable Louisville bourbon tour with Patriot Ride, LLC.

Historical Locations

Frankfort, Kentucky, is one of the best places to tour historical locations and learn about cultural heritage. If you are interested in sampling hospitality and experiencing a bounty of sights, scenery, and activities that spring from the state’s rural regions to metropolitan areas, we can be your affordable tour guide. Whatever your interest or passion is, either to watch live horse racing Churchill downs or to visit the best Lexington horse farm tours, choose Patriot Ride, LLC to plan your Historical trip.